Gatsby makes micro influencer marketing easier than ever.

Connect influencer data seamlessly with your existing marketing stack like Shopify, Klaviyo, Attentive, Gorgias, Justuno, Privy etc.

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Gatsby starts by adding a field for Instagram Username to any existing form on your website. Like in the example popup below:

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Features & Benefits

No more influencer spreadsheets

Save time with Gatsby's automated sourcing and tracking of micro-influencers. Identify customers that you want promoting particular products based on their purchase history and instagram metrics. Use our integrations with Klaviyo and other email systems to automatically ask your influential customers to post about their love for your brand. Gatsby tracks automatically when they post on Instagram, measures their engagement on those posts, and can send them a reward email through your ESP automatically as well.

Instagram Insights You'll Get On Your Customers:
- Instagram profile photo, # of followers, # following, # posts, bio
- Influencer prediction score
- Track when your customers tag or mention you in media
- Get UGC, engagement rate and filters on the mentioned media
- Easily determine your best customer influencers
and more

Powerful Integrations

Sync your insights with Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gorgias, Hubspot, Mailchimp etc for influencer marketing automation through any segments & flows features. You'll get access to a new Flow in your existing email system that triggers when customers mention your brand on Instagram.

We also integrate easily with lots of popups and forms to make social capture possible. Integrations like: Justuno, Privy, Wisepops, Attentive, Refersion, Klaviyo Forms, Google Tag Manager, Webhooks, and we have many more partnerships coming out soon.

New ad targeting audiences

Import your new customer insights into Facebook Ads for more targeted ad and look-a-like audiences. Find more customers that look like your influential ones. This is more valuable than ever with the changes coming from iOS 14.

Privacy is a top priority

Gatsby does everything by the book. Your customers always opt-in to give you their Instagram username. We're only gathering public data and insights available through our partnership with Facebook. Our databases are hosted on industry leading AWS, and all data is encrypted, secure.

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