Track All Stories, Reels & TikTok

Relax on weekends. No more 24-hour anxiety, no more fear of missing Story mentions. Gatsby has you covered.

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Auto-Reply to Instagram DMs

Organize all your Influencer DMs in one place, and reply right from Gatsby manually or using auto-reply logic.

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Email / SMS for Social Mentions

Sync Gatsby insights with Klaviyo and automate offers / rewards using workflow logic. Works with Attentive too!

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"Super useful platform - AMAZING way to keep our customers engaged and organically sharing on social! The dashboard is great too - simple way to track the posts and analyze our customers behavior."

Gloria Bijou, Co-Founder at Wren + Glory

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Gatsby is integrated with your favorite Shopify apps.

"By integrating Klaviyo and Gatsby, merchants can segment their customers by influence and develop email and SMS campaigns that make micro-influencer marketing significantly easier."

Stewart Wesley, Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo

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