What to Know This Week: August 15

  • Integrations: In a historic move for the wine industry, we’re proud to be among the tech stack included in DRINKS’ new partnership with Shopify, making it possible for wine merchants to grow and scale their direct to consumer business without the headache of tax and compliance issues. Read more about it here.
  • Coming soon: Currently in beta, with a formal roll-out coming soon, you can now collect Instagram and TikTok handles in your Attentive forms so you can track when your subscribers mention you and automate emails or SMS with an offer to collab. To get started, check out our help article.
  • Industry: In perhaps the greatest example of influencer power, Instagram recently announced plans to walk back changes that would make the app more similar to TikTok after the Kardashians voiced their criticism. ICYMI, Instagram had recently released a test version of the app that opened up with full screen video in a feature almost identical to TikTok’s explore page. But after the Kardashians’ “make Instagram Instagram again” memes went viral, it took their criticism to heart. Platformer has more details.

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