WEBINAR: Prepping for the Future of Fashion & Apparel in Ecommerce

Our Director of Sales, Bob Vail, joined marketing experts from Yotpo, Sezzle and Tapcart for a DTC masterclass hosted by Gorgias this past Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

The topic is a particularly hot one right now: how to elevate the ecommerce experience.

Ecommerce soared during the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping. But as customers have become more ecommerce-friendly, there are new expectations and opportunities for brands to enhance the experience, and a suite of tools (like Gatsby), are available to help.

Bob shares why taking a new, more efficient approach to influencer marketing by focusing on your customers is the key to building a meaningful connection with them and growing your brand.

Watch here (our segment starts at about 21:08) for how Gatsby can automate this process and scale your strategy. 

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