PODCAST: eCommerce Fastlane Episode 183 – Powerful Shopify App Helps Brands Develop Customer Community & Micro Influencers Automatically

Ecommerce Fastlane ep 183 Gatsby

Listen to Brett’s encore appearance on Shopify expert, Steve Hutt’s “eCommerce Fastlane” podcast.

Brett chats with Steve about a problem many Shopify store owners encounter: how to acquire customers and stand out from the crowd.

Historically, Google and Facebook ads have been the primary growth drivers, but with more competition, cost for keywords has risen and thanks to iOS changes, it’s more difficult to target and track. Brett set his sights on a new growth channel, influencer marketing, which has been traditionally both time consuming and costly. Listen in as Brett shares how Gatsby automates and scales influencer marketing, and why you should start collecting Instagram handles today. 

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