Announcing New Klaviyo & Gatsby Partnership

With the launch of Gatsby Next Gen, we’re thrilled to announce our increased partnership and integration with our friends at Klaviyo. Our latest integration unlocks new Klaviyo Flows that enable you to run a fully automated influencer marketing strategy directly within Klaviyo.

Gatsby and Klaviyo are used by brands like Steve Madden and Babe Lash, and partners like Hawke Media and OneLive Media to find, activate and reward their most influential customers. Now, you can access that Instagram data directly from your customer profiles in Klaviyo and automate the influencer marketing messages through Flows. You'll be able to easily segment audiences based on followers and engagement, and even automate rewards when customers tag you.

New Klaviyo Flow metric to trigger when customer mentions you on Instagram

The integration is broken into 3 steps:

  1. Integrate Gatsby with your Klaviyo subscriber popup (more on that here), and you will immediately capture your customers’ Instagram profiles and get access to key Instagram data points, such as how many followers and posts they have, as well as their bio and a proprietary influencer assessment dubbed the "G-Score". Most of this data flows back to Klaviyo and appears in the customer's profile.
  1. Create a Klaviyo Flow that invites specifically your influential customers to a collab. You may even want to make multiple flows, ie: customers with 1,000-5,000 followers get Flow A, customers with 5,000-10,000 followers get Flow B etc.
  1. Create a second Klaviyo Flow that automatically sends your influencers a unique promo code reward AFTER they tag or mention your brand in an Instagram post. If you're on Shopify or Shopify Plus, this is especially easy to accomplish. (see the step by step guide for setting up these Flows and promo codes here)

After you complete these steps, you get to just log into Gatsby and view the analytics. You will see how much engagement, reach and more your customers are driving and which customers are engaging with you on Instagram. All of this happens automatically for you.

Gatsby and Klaviyo, together, eliminate the arduous processes of finding influencers, coordinating collabs, tracking when influencers post, issuing rewards, and measuring performance.

Watch below, the 3 minute demo of how Gatsby and Klaviyo work together:



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