Kicking off 2020 Here At Gatsby!

It's hard to believe we're already mid-way through January! We closed out 2019 with a bang, and we’ve got so much in store for this next year.

Industry journalists are predicting that 2020 will be "the year of the nano-influencer." While we have a lot in the works, our main focus for Q1 is on more automation, more tracking & accountability, and more integrations, all to enable growth for your brand that is both authentic and automatic.

First up: Webhooks

We quietly released our integration with webhooks last week, with support for a few select technology partners. In addition to our integrations with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Google Tag Manager, webhooks are yet another way to easily add Gatsby to your online store. Essentially an "if-then" statement, webhooks are a simple way to trigger an action based on an event, for example:

When a consumer enters their instagram handle —> send that handle to my Gatsby account.

Stay tuned or contact us to see if this is a good fit for your site.

Our next feature is in development, but we couldn't resist dropping a teaser!

As you know, Gatsby can be set up to trigger email outreach between you and your micro-influencer customers, asking them to post about your brand. However, tracking when that micro-influencer posts is currently done manually. We've made it our mission to come up with an automated and scalable solution. We're now working on a way for brands to automatically track, measure and trigger actions based on when their Gatsby micro-influencers post. All of this goes toward the goal of quickly and easily giving your customers a voice, building an army of authentic micro-influencers.

Watch this space for what lies ahead in 2020, and we're wishing everyone a happy and healthy start to the new decade!

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