Gatsby Product Release Log

- Jan 25th 2022 -

Tracking Instagram Carousel Posts

This update tracks & saves every image and video you're tagged in, in a Carousel Post.

This is now available for all Gatsby customers.

Read full blog post on this release

- Jan 5th 2022 -

Updated Instagram Story Tracking functionality

  • Track Story Mentions from everyone in your Gatsby account automatically
  • No longer requires your customers / influencers to grant special access
  • Story mentions sync with Klaviyo and other apps to automate rewards
  • All Story mentions are timestamped and logged in your dashboard indefinitely
  • To turn this feature on, disconnect and reconnect Instagram. Step by step here

This update is a major improvement for marketing teams who are still stuck manually tracking Instagram Stories, and often missing out entirely on the ability to leverage their mentions - since they expire within 24 hours.

Now with Gatsby, marketers can relax. They won't miss a single story mention now, as they will be logged in their Gatsby dashboard indefinitely.

Plus, through our integrations with Klaviyo, Sailthru, Omnisend and more, Story mentions can trigger automated email notifications to your team, automated thank you emails to your influencer customers and more.

Native Instagram DM / Messenger functionality

  • Read and respond to your Instagram DMs directly within the Gatsby Dashboard
  • Great for streamlining & organizing your influencer 1:1 communication all from one place
  • Releasing more UI/UX funtionality on this later in the month

Product Update Feed Started Jan 2022. To add feature requests and view our public roadmap, see our Canny board at: https://gatsbyai.canny.io/

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