Announcing Custom Tags: Segment & Measure Micro Influencers By Campaign

We're proud to unveil our newest feature to help you manage your influencer and ambassador programs at scale.

When influencer marketing hit the scene, the tools weren't designed to support hundreds or thousands of brand affiliates / micro-influencers. However, once we released Gatsby suddenly brands were discovering and engaging new customer influencers every day with automations. 

While this is great for fully autonomous systems, when you want to add in existing influencers you're working with or track one-off campaigns, it's been hard to segment out those customers and report on them separately. Well now with Custom Tags you can do just that:

All Gatsby customers on our Business & Plus plans now have the ability to segment their customers / influencers with any custom tag they want, and they can report on those groupings individually both up on the macro-level graph section as well as the specific media.

Even further, these tags sync with your integrations like Klaviyo and Omnisend so you can include or exclude these segments from any automated Flows you have going out.

This is a truly powerful addition to help you scale your influencer marketing strategies with ease. To start setting up your custom tags, simply paste into the search bar all the emails or handles you want to group together, and apply a tag to them. For detailed instructions, visit our help article.

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