4 Reasons to Use an Order Confirmation Page For Community Building

If you have an ecommerce shop, you’re likely already using an order confirmation page as part of the post-purchase experience. Typically, an order confirmation page serves as a receipt for customers to review their purchase information, and that’s usually about it! While it might not seem like the most important part of the customer experience (by this point, they’ve already made the purchase), the order confirmation page has some hidden benefits – and real estate – you can take advantage of. Because of that, there’s a lot you can do with the page while you’ve gotten your customers’ attention. It’s one of our favorite places to capture Instagram and TikTok handles so you can source micro and nano influencers from your own customer base. Here’s 4 reasons your order confirmation page can help grow your community: 

  1. It’s after the conversion: Ecommerce customers are used to being asked to provide information (often in exchange for discounts and offers) as they navigate a website, which can sometimes feel transactional or conditional (“get this discount, but only if you provide your phone number first”). But requesting this information once the purchase has been made lessens the pressure and creates more of a sense of community, which is exactly what you want to achieve by capturing their social handles anyway!
  2. Often under-utilized: Customers are used to pop-ups requesting contact information as they navigate an ecommerce website, though few expect to see it after they’ve made a purchase. Because there’s a lot of available real estate (and not much else to compete with) on an order confirmation page, there’s also a great opportunity to capture your customers’ attention. 
  3. Easy to integrate: Unlike a landing page, an order confirmation page does not need to be designed from scratch. All you have to do is add form fields for whatever you want to capture. You can keep it super simple with just email and social handles like the example from MNML, or follow Kulani Kinis’ lead and use the page as an invitation to join your ambassador program. 
  4. Everyone is already a customer: Perhaps the most obvious reason to use your order confirmation page for social capture - everyone who sees the page is, by default, already a customer! One of the greatest benefits of capturing social details from your order confirmation page is that you can source influencers who are both already familiar with and own your products. This makes it easier to get more authentic testimonials, reviews and UGC. 

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