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Marketing is hard today

Platforms like Instagram are driving social discovery, but measuring and using influence the right way is a challenge for brands who don't want to be phony about it.

The new evolution of social marketing is challenging for brands

There are over one billion people on Instagram every day. Last year, brands spent approx. $7+billion to reach them. Solutions in this highly fragmented market range from social capture tools that leave it up to the brands to engage with manually, to expensive ads that charge per click, and even agencies representing influencers who don't even use the products they endorse.

The bottomline is that this new evolution of social marketing, what the NYTimes called nanoninfluence and we call authentic influence, is challenging for brands. We hear it from marketers, media buyers, etc all the time. They are figuring it out as they go. They don’t know where to invest, and more importantly how to measure their return.

Gatsby makes it so much easier and cheaper

We have a turn-key platform that not only identifies the social customers who are buying from a particular brand, but helps build that brand's awareness in an authentic, low cost way. Gatsby helps identify and create conversations between brands and their most social customers, leading to the brands being intimately introduced within their customers' social networks. It's authentic word-of-mouth, authentic influence, at scale.

"What's great is that many of these customers are truly delighted when we reach out. They have maybe 1,000 followers, and think that we're too big of a company to work with people like them, but that's the beauty of it. Because [Gatsby] automates so much of the process, it enables us to work with lots of customers in that more authentic range." - Beautopia
"It just feels like we're much more connected to our customers now. If I can see who this customer is on social media, this is a human, it improves our customer service, our sales team, and adds to our overall experience. There are a lot of different ways we can use this information." - Greek House

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