Reduce marketing spend on the unknown. Reach more customers like your current customers.

Gatsby captures the Instagram profiles of your customers, and automatically introduces you to the influential ones. It's nanoinfluencer marketing made simple, direct and authentic.

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Aston LaFon and the founding team at 18.21 Man Made use Gatsby to drive web conversions and engage nanoinfluencers
Noel and the team at Twist It Up Comb, use Gatsby to capture web traffic and engage with hundreds of social customers every month
The La Jolla Sports Club uses Gatsby to turn members into micro-influencers

Save time

Stop spending countless hours searching hashtags for microinfluencers or nanoinfluencers, then guessing their emails. Gatsby identifies & engages your influential customers automatically

Capture influence

It's likely that 10% of your consumers have more than 1,000 followers on Instagram. Do you know which ones? Use Gatsby to automatically find out, and automatically engage them.

Social lead-capture popup window

Using our easy design editor, you can configure and brand a floating button and popup window for your website that captures the emails & instagram handles of your site visitors. Gatsby enriches the data with their follower / following stats, # of posts, and name, then automatically email introduces you to your most social customers. And yep, it also integrates with most newsletter tools.

Auto-Intros initiate nanoinfluencer posts

There's a new trend in influencer marketing called nanoinfluence. It's focused on authenticity by engaging lots of real consumers with as few as 1,000 Instagram followers to share your brand with their real friends. But how do you find & engage hundreds or thousands of nanoinfluencers? Let Gatsby kick off the conversation for you.

Native checkout integration

For brands that don't want to use our standard popup to capture the instagram handles, talk to us about adding an Instagram field to your existing checkout form. Gatsby will still enrich the handle with follower stats via API and send the automatic intros out to your nanoinfluencers.

In-line hyperlinks, great for publishers

Do you run a blog that makes money off display ads or premium listings? Offer your advertisers more than just click counts and impressions. Add Gatsby to deliver social intel, email marketing and influencer sourcing. With our in-line hyperlinks, you can add a Gatsby button to every listing.

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Customers talking about Gatsby

We came to Gatsby to automate our micro-influencer outreach, particularly with real customers, but we found it's also a big win for scaling more customer relationships.
Olga Lopez, Popchips
Gatsby has helped up turn interest into customers, better engage with customers, and is consistently responsible for 30-35% of our Shopify sales with an 1,800% ROI.
Aston LaFon, 18.21 Man Made
I was able to connect with a lady that makes bath bombs. She is now talking about us on social media and just placed an order for 100 pairs of earrings to put in her product.
Christi B, Newborn Feathers
Gatsby has been extremely useful in identifying customers who can double as influencers for us and making those connections for us automatically.
Cesar Gonzalez, Oats Overnight
Now we have some automation in place through Gatsby that follows up with the most influential customers to create referral campaigns... start using this now. Do it!
Jake Berton, Rheos Gear
If you're serious about your brand and want a great way to gain exposure, then micro-influencers are the way to go! Gatsby is an innovative tool to help you automate the process.
Mac Steer, SimsDirect

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Cool features you get with Gatsby

Save time with automatic intros

Gatsby's automatic intros are a powerful concept. It's an email that is sent by Gatsby, but cc's you. You set the text and the triggers, then just sit back and build customer relationships.

Live in your inbox, not in a separate tool

Because Gatsby initiates contact with your influential consumers for you over email, you never need to remember to log back into Gatsby. We work where you work... your inbox.

Sync captured data with your newsletter

Gatsby data doesn't live in a silo. Integrate with 1,000's of apps like Mailchimp and Klaviyo, and segment your ongoing drips based on influence level.

Privacy is a top priority

Gatsby does everything by the book. We're only gathering public data, and you and your brand are the only ones who will ever see your customer's emails. They're not for sale.
Position your Gatsby campaign anywhere
With easy design levers, you can position your Gatsby floating button anywhere you want on the X/Y axis of your website. That's fancy talk for anywhere.
Brand your entire campaign
Use our easy editor tool to customize the fonts, colors, text, sizing, shape, location, email copy, and overall styling of your Gatsby campaign. No design skills or coding required.
Schedule automatic intros
By default, all automatic intros get sent out at 6am Pacific Standard Time, and occur the day after your customers enters their handle, but talk to us about customizing this time frame.
Whitelist which pages show Gatsby
Designate which pages on your website show your Gatsby button or popup. Want it just on your homepage or just on the Top Sellers page?Want it 20 pixels above your chat widget? Easy.
Search, export & integrate nanoinfluencers
Filter & set email triggers by follower size, and follower-to-following ratio. More filters coming soon. Export data to CSV, or integrate via Zapier to 1000's of other tools, including Mailchimp.
Secured payments
We use Stripe to easily manage and secure all payment information. Your don't have to worry about accounts payable or refund issues, it's all easy and transparent.

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