Ryno Power

With the mission to provide elite-quality supplements to action sports athletes, Ryno Power is distributed direct-to-consumer through Shopify Plus in the US, Canada, and Europe. As a brand specifically targeting action-sport athletes, word-of-mouth has been key to their growth. They use Gatsby to automate and accelerate that strategy.


Ryno Power's Key Results

30% increase with Social Checkout

27% conversion rate

800 followers avg / customer


Seeking a faster way to spread awareness among athletes

Ryno Power has a dedicated team focused on their athlete ambassadors, affiliates and general social strategy. Knowing that many of their customers are also amateur athletes with real friends and followers in the extreme sports industry, they wanted to scale their ambassador program with an army of real customer advocates. If they could identify and quantify which customers had niche micro-influence and automatically encourage them to join their ambassador program, they could accelerate brand awareness.

"Gatsby has been an incredible addition to our digital team. Every day we're getting to see the Instagram profiles of our new customers, connect directly with them, encourage them to post etc, and we're getting a more complete picture of who our customer is.

Automatically inviting influential customers to their ambassador program

To start identifying the social profiles of their customers, Ryno Power added Gatsby's Social Pop-up on it's USA, CA, and EU web stores. The promotion offers site visitors a 15% discount code for entering their email address & Instagram handle. Ryno Power had been looking at different lead capture pop-ups and tools, but ultimately chose Gatsby for the added social benefits.

With the success of their Social Pop-up, Ryno Power decided to be among the first companies to install Gatsby's Social Checkout in their USA Shopify Plus store. They wanted this option to capture customers who didn't go through the pop-up and to have the option to pause promotions without missing out on the social intel & automated nanoinfluencer intros.

In both scenarios, they are using their Automatic Intro to personally invite their real customers with more than 2,000 followers to join their ambassador program. The following email is automatically sent by Gatsby, to their influential customers, and cc's their social media person:

Hi [First Name], thanks for sharing your Instagram handle with us! I noticed you have a great following and would love to have you apply to our Key Influencer Program. And actually, if you can tell me more about your training or competition, there may be an opportunity for permanent sponsorship. - Shelby

"On the conversion front, 25% of our customers go through our social pop-up before purchasing, and since adding Gatsby's new Social Checkout integration, we've begun capturing social intel on a majority of the other 75%."

More sales, more social, more customer intelligence

The Ryno Power team reported an increase in conversions, with 27% of their new customers entering their info into their Gatsby pop-up before checking out. They also see a 30% click-to-capture rate, meaning that when a site visitor starts to engage with their Social Pop-up, they complete the flow 30% of the time by giving their email & handle. If we attribute even just 10% of these news sales to Gatsby's lead capture, automated intro, and social connection, that's an ROI of 300%.

Then by adding the new Social Checkout in month 3, the Ryno Power team further increased their social capture rate by 30%. The Social Checkout identifies their customers who didn't opt to go through the pop-up, but did enter their Instagram handle into the optional field during checkout.

Looking at Ryno Power's first 15 weeks using Gatsby, they learned that 5% of their customers have more than 2,000 followers, automatically engaged them, and discovered that their average customer has an impressive 800 followers. This is all intel which they're using to fuel their growing ambassador program & word-of-mouth strategy automatically.

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