Labucq sees 10x Return on Gatsby in first few weeks

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Labucq (la-bük) is a contemporary women's footwear brand based in Los Angeles, founded by Lauren Bucquet, former Director of Footwear and Accessories at Rag & Bone


The founders of Labucq had been wanting to build a scaleable and automated ambassador program for a while. Too many people were reaching out to them to collaborate, but there was not enough time to manage it.

"Gatsby's partnership with Klaviyo allows us to build intricate and personalized flows that keep our VIP program exclusive and impactful, but also easy to manage." - Adam


They implemented a new VIP program using Gatsby and Klaviyo. Through our integration with Klaviyo, they developed a series of rules, email triggers and automated flows that walked qualifying customers through an entirely automated and personalized influencer journey.

"These VIP customers are influencers or influencers in the making. It's a special relationship we want to foster and scale. Gatsby makes that possible." - Adam, Co-Founder

Their program specifically looks like this:

1. Identify potential influencers on their website using an Instagram field in their pop-up, syncing insights between Gatsby and Klaviyo

2. When the customer joins the newsletter, the new subscriber email flow checks if they enough followers to qualify for their VIP program. If so, they are forked off to a receive a different welcome email, one that includes a special offer and button to join their VIP program

"Gatsby helps us to layer social data on top of purchase behavior so we can build tighter customer loyalty programs with our influential customer base." Adam, Co-Founder

3. If the subscriber clicks the button to join VIP, they are given a unique single-use code for a special discount on their next purchase with the request that they share a photo of their new shoes on Instagram, tagging & mentioning Labucq in the caption

4. As soon as the user mentions Labucq, they receive an automated thank you email and a second promotion code to share with their friends


"Our first month in, we're seeing a 10x return on our Gatsby spend from new revenue alone. And that figure is not even taking into account the increase in brand awareness and time savings if we tried to do this manually." - Adam, Co-Founder

In their first few weeks:

- 1,814 customers opted-in and provided their Instagram handle in their Klaviyo popup

- 3,000 customers opted-in previously and were imported into their Gatsby account

- 29.8% or 1,436 customers are micro-influencers with 1,000+ followers

- 6.7% or 325 customers are micro-influencers with 3,000+ followers

- 2.3% or 114 customers are micro-influencers with 10,000 followers+

- 60 customers qualified so far to receive their VIP offer email

- 14 customers opted in to join the program

- 3 purchased shoes and shared posts on Instagram, 13 other customers posted as well

- 10.58% average engagement rate on their influencer posts

- 34,751 estimated reach / impressions

- 2,166 Instagram Likes generated

- 154 Instagram Comments generated

Labucq's Gatsby Dashboard - Influencer Engagement

Labucq's Gatsby Dashboard - Estimated Reach

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