"Sun Chaser" ambassador program drives long term and continuous engagement for Kulani Kinis.

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We are excited to announce our latest customer, Kulani Kinis; the small but mighty Australian bikini brand taking the world by storm.

In just 6 months, their team has tripled in size, and in just over 3 months they’ve had an Instagram growth of 23% (getting close to half a million followers now) and they are currently gaining 12 million impressions a week. You can just imagine the amount of DM’s they are receiving… over 350 influencer collab requests per week!


As demand increases across Australia, US, Canada and UK, so does their need for a platform to tackle the heavy lifting of influencer strategy and management head-on. Gatsby is ready to show Kulani a whole new world.


Via the Gatsby platform, Kulani will be able to house their micro influencers in a safe and creative space. Influencers will be able to Apply, Create, Share and Connect in return for special discounts, first looks, and even a trip to the elusive ‘Sunshine Island’... all while being easily-tracked by the social team.


"We are so excited to launch our ambassador program with Gatsby, it is really going to amplify our influencer marketing as we have such a high demand of micro and nano influencers reaching out to us!
It has been a great experience working with the Gatsby team, they have been extremely hands on with setup, responsive to our feedback and ideas, and sometimes implementing new product features we request within a matter of days - their service in this respect has been unparalleled to that of any other team we have partnered with!
All of us on the Kulani Kinis team are looking forward to seeing the results and working with Gatsby further!"
- Emily Davis, International Social Media & Creative Manager

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