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Whether you use Omnisend, Klaviyo, Listrak, Sailthru, Mailchimp, or any others, we can help you automate influencer workflows right where you work. Below are three examples


Before Gatsby, the typical influencer workflow is highly manual, smaller scale, and requires a team of people or one very overworked marketer.

For most brands, the process often goes something like this:

  1. Source influencers by scouring Instagram hashtags OR fielding a ton of unqualified inbound requests for "collab deals"
  2. Keep track of DM conversations on a spreadsheet
  3. Remember to follow up over DM
  4. Ship free product out to influencers
  5. Check Instagram app daily to see who is publishing content
  6. Follow up with the influencers who "forget" to post

And the list of manual steps goes on and on.


With Gatsby, the entire process is automated:

  1. Source and qualify authentic influencers passively
  2. Use automated email flows to invite, remind, reward and more
  3. Track when they publish content, including Stories, automatically
  4. Send reward only after the influencer comes through and shares content

Lets look at some examples of how other brands have designed their automated workflows using Gatsby + Klaviyo Flows.


Watch how Amsterdam's Colourful Rebel fashion brand has designed their Gatsby integration and Klaviyo Flows for influencer marketing. Within their first 7 days using Gatsby:

  • 1,393 Instagram Profiles collected from past and current customers
  • 442 are micro-influencers with > 1,000 followers
  • Their Klaviyo invite flow has a 53% open rate and 8% click rate
  • 21 customers mentioned @colourfulrebel in 25 posts
  • Those 25 posts reached an estimated 30,478 people
  • Those 25 posts had an avg. engagement of 7.27%
  • Those 25 posts generated 4,988 likes and 509 comments

Colourful Rebel installed Gatsby from Shopify and was live the same day, everything is automated. Watch how below:

Premium Leather and Cork Accessories

Watch how Eleven 10 Leather designed their automated influencer program using Gatsby & Klaviyo Flows, by:

  • Segmenting their customers into 4 influencer tiers (1k-5k followers, 5k-10k etc)
  • Generating unique Shopify promo codes and different offers for each tier
  • Setting up both the Influencer Offer and Influencer Reward automations
  • Creating emails that deliver rewards and drive influencers to their affiliate signup form hosted by Refersion

Watch how Babe Lash Cosmetics designed their Klaviyo Flows by:

  • Segmenting their customers into 3 segments: Under 5,000 followers, 5k - 30k, 30k+
  • Sending different messaging based on if the customers already purchased
  • Directed customers to different influencer forms & programs based on follower size

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