Famous Footwear Australia sees 12% of their qualified customers publishing content for the brand.

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Famous Footwear Australia is a leading shoe brand navigiating both brick and mortal and ecommerce.


Famous Footwear Australia came to Gatsby to find a better way to identify and manage their micro-influencers. They wanted to get away from manually tracking engagements on spreadsheets.

They needed a way to scale up their micro & nano influencer efforts to reach more consumers and get better engagement and ROI, ultimately to acquire more customers at a lower cost.


Famous Footwear Australia added Gatsby to their Justuno welcome popup and began to offer their qualified micro-influencer customers $20 AUD for sharing their new Famous Footwear shoes on Instagram.

Originally using Mailchimp, the team migrated to Klaviyo in order to automatically distribute rewards for every mention event.


Between 1/1/21 - 5/13/21

4,976 customer Instagrams identified and tracked

2,173 customers with > 500 followers

235 customers so far received automated outreach

39% email open rate (roughly 2x their average open rate)

11 customers converted so far into influencers

Another 16 customers posted organically

58 posts published so far

2.18 posts per customer influencer

12.1% who opened the email converted into influencers

9.13% average engagement rate from their micro influencers

125,000 likes and comments generated

90,380 estimated reach on Instagram from their micro influencers

"I have found the outreach has been handy as a way of opening a line of communication... some are now continuing to post and tag us because we’ve established a relationship – so that’s an extra bonus from Gatsby." - Geraldene, Social Media & PR

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