Body & Pole

Body & Pole is a fitness studio located in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. It contains the city’s largest aerial dance space, featuring five studios, hundreds of classes, and world-renowned instructors. They recently completed a rebrand and turned to Gatsby to identify influential clients for word-of-mouth.


Body & Pole's Key Results

ROI > 1700%

63% of social customers qualified as micro-influencers

75% of micro-influencers posted within 1 week


Connect with existing clients

Body & Pole is fortunate to have very engaged clients on social media, but they realized that only a handful of them posted regularly about their classes.


Gatsby helped Body & Pole identify micro-influencers who have been long-time clients but hadn’t yet shared about their studio experiences. Through Gatsby, Body & Pole was able to identify these clients and inspire them to post about the studio. driving new word-of-mouth reach.


Streamline influencer outreach

As any social media marketer knows, managing influencer outreach can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. While Body & Pole was extremely pleased with the volume of automated influencer emails going out (63% of all people who entered their information into Gatsby received an automated outreach email), it posed a new problem: managing those relationships. Offering an experience (a class) instead of free product requires a more intricate level of communication – it’s not as simple as getting an address and shipping a gift - it requires creating or finding the clients' account, and making sure that they are properly scheduled into a class. All of this back and forth can get time consuming and complicated especially when working with many micro-influencers.


Gatsby worked with Body & Pole to streamline these conversations with a logic-based survey. This meant that by the time Body & Pole’s marketing team received a response from the influencer, they already knew whether it was a new or existing client, could identify their account in MindBody, and had the terms of the micro-influencer collab already agreed to. This proved to me a much more efficient way of communication, but it also posed a new challenge…


Holding influencers accountable

Once the influencers were booked into class, Body & Pole realized that they would need to come up with a process to hold them responsible for honoring their end of the bargain – creating a post mentioning the studio.


Body & Pole created an internal process where instead of putting a class credit into the influencer’s MindBody account, they put the influencer in touch with their customer service team who scheduled them into their preferred class. This allowed Body & Pole to maintain a certain level of control – they were able to know exactly when an influencer was planning to take class, give their front desk staff and instructor a heads up to help the influencer find ‘grammable spots, and enhance the experience with a surprise gift (a branded t-shirt) once the influencer came in for their class. Not only did this ensure that the influencer posted, it made for an exceptional client experience at the studio.  


Ad spend efficiency

Body & Pole began running Facebook and Instagram ads at the same time they launched Gatsby, with the goal of targeting new clients.They needed a way to capitalize on the increase in web traffic they hoped to see as a result of the ads.


Body & Pole enjoyed a 52% increase in new customer purchases during their first month using Gatsby. The Gatsby button proved extremely useful in being able to capture information about new clients – not only did it incentivize web visitors with an attention-getting offer, it captured emails and Instagram handles so that the brand could maintain contact with them beyond the point of sale.  

“Gatsby provided us with insight about our clients that wedidn’t already have access to. For example, we were able to convert clients whopreviously only took class at one of our competitors’ studios.”

"Gatsby helped us expand our word-of-mouth reach on social media by inspiring clients to share their love of aerial dance at our studio on their Instagram."


1700% ROI

Body & Pole saw an ROI > 1700% when factoring in time saved, word-of-mouth reach, and increased web-conversions. Of the nearly 1,000 clicks on their Gatsby promotion button offering a $25 class, 23% completed the submission form, 63% of those customers met the initial qualification as micro-influencers with > 500 Instagram followers. 75% of the influencers who accepted the free class collab deal posted about their experience within 1 week.

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