As one of the leading hair & beauty wholesalers in Australia, Beautopia works with over 200 brands, manages 13 retail stores, and sells direct online. They use Gatsby to drive conversions & source nanoinfluencers from among their trade partners and customers.


Beautopia's Key Results

30% response rate

72% conversion rate

350,000 in new reach


Seeking an easier way to build word-of-mouth

With or without a brand's involvement, beauty consumers naturally spread awareness of their new styles and products. Beautopia saw the opportunity to tap into this organic word-of-mouth on Instagram, but they needed a way to capture it.

There are plenty of tools on the market to find and hire professional influencers, or even micro-influencers, but Beautopia wanted to work with their real customers. With thousands of stylists and consumers buying their products every month, they needed a way to know which of their customers were more likely to be social, and a scalable way to engage them.

Like most brands, Beautopia was already capturing email addresses from promotions, and nurturing those relationship with newsletters, but they weren't equipped to capture social identities. Even if they asked customers for their Instagram handles, without having influential context or a system to manage them, the initiative would fall flat.

"While every day is a whirlwind, Gatsby let's me be in two places at once. I can be running around in the warehouse, while simultaneously building relationships with our influential customers."

Automating customer capture and social outreach

Capturing Instagram handles alone is like capturing email addresses without tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. So to launch their customer influence initiative, Beautopia employed Gatsby's social popup. It took less than 30 minutes to configure and launch, offering their web customers 15% off in exchange for their email & Instagram handle.

As soon as customers complete the onsite promotion, they see Beautopia's Instagram feed and receive an immediate email with their promotion code and a link to complete their purchase.

Simultaneously, every customer's email address and Instagram handle are passed directly to a Gatsby dashboard where it's enriched with name, follower stats and posts. This is where Rachael, from Beautopia's digital team, can filter and review their social customers, and configure the automatic nanoinfluencer intro that goes out based on audience size.

Beautopia started with a 1,000 follower minimum, and the automatic intro template:

Hi [customer name], I manage the social here. We love your page and were wondering if you'd be interested in a collab! - Rachael

Gatsby automatically sends this special email to their customers every day at 6am Pacific Standard Time. It only goes to the customers who entered the campaign in the previous day and have more than 1,000 followers. Each of these auto-intro emails cc's Rachael as well, making it a true human-to-human conversation.

Hi Rachael! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Yes, I would love to do a collaboration with the brand. I looove hair care so much. - Ness

"What's great is that many of these customers are truly delighted when we reach out. They have maybe 1,000 to 5,000 followers, and think that we're too big of a company to work with people like them - but that's the beauty of it. Because Gatsby automates so much of the process, it enables us to work with lots of customers in that more authentic range."

Happy customers, greater social reach

In their first 3 weeks using Gatsby, Beautopia captured 700 social customers, 500 of them purchased beauty products worth $30k in sales, and they found a new social audience of 350,000 targeted consumers.

About 5% of the social customers they captured qualified for their automatic nanoinfluencer intro email. 30% of their automatic intro emails received replies, all of which were positive.

The most influential customer they captured in their first 3 weeks had 58,000 Instagram followers, a Youtube channel with 120,000 subscribers, and a niche focus on cruelty-free beauty products.

It's estimated that Beautopia saw at least a 10x / 1,000% ROI on Gatsby in their first 3 weeks, factoring in: Gatsby's partial contribution to the $30k in initial conversions, 30+ hours saved by the social team, ongoing customer delight and retention benefits, and new sales coming from increased word-of-mouth and brand awareness on Instagram.

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