18.21 Man Made

18.21 Man Made offers a range of premium men's grooming products in the spirit of the speakeasy. With rapid growth throughout the states and internationally, this Texas based team relies on Gatsby to automate a lot of the work they would otherwise need to do manually.

NOV - FEB 2019

18.21 Man Made's Key Results

100% automated

40% conversion rate

400,000 in new reach


Seeking a way to automate their influencer outreach

With an eye-catching product that plays naturally into a word-of-mouth strategy, it was imperative that 18.21 made it extremely easy for their site visitors to purchase & share. However, there was no easy way for their existing conversion strategies (ie: promotion popup, rewards program) to connect them with their customers on Instagram, and build authentic word-of-mouth (nanoinfluencers).

"We love becoming more engaged with our digital customers and rewarding them for sharing their unique 18.21 grooming experiences with friends. Gatsby is the best solution to do exactly that."


Using Gatsby's social popup to drive conversions + social

By implementing Gatsby's social popup, they're able to accomplish two things at once: 1) capture web leads to improve conversions and 2) identify their most social customers to fuel word-of-mouth.

The team at 18.21 Man Made spent under an hour configuring, designing, and installing their promotion and haven't had to revise it since. It just continues to work autonomously.

"Gatsby has been able to influence 25%-40% of the sales that we're capturing on our Shopify platform."


More sales, more time

Over the past 3 months, 18.21 Man Made has captured hundreds of influential customers, with an average reach of 600 followers each. These social customers have a combined total reach of nearly 400,000 friends. That is a new targeted audience that the team at 18.21 Man Made can reach through authentic nanoinfluencer marketing.

To 100% automate the influencer outreach & activation process, they are planning to pilot some of Gatsby's upcoming features, including affiliate tracking links and a fully automated merch store.

18.21 Man Made attributes a significant portion of their online sales to their Gatsby popup promotion, citing that 25-40% of their customers use Gatsby before converting. Gatsby's promotion popup, automated thank you email, automated email intro, and Mailchimp integration all help to drive the immediate conversion.

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