What Facebook’s Algorithm Change Means for Influencer Marketing

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced major changes coming to Facebook's news feed algorithm. However, unlike changes in the past, the new algorithm is set to favor family and friends while limiting fake news and fast-food style media (think: cat videos and memes). These major changes are a response to an influx of fake news and third-party content overwhelming Facebook users’ feeds. The end goal is to create a more meaningful space for Facebook users to see and engage with posts from friends and family rather than mindlessly scrolling through mass-produced content.

Zuckerberg admits that while these changes may decrease activity on Facebook in the short-term, it will be better for users in the long-term. He wants Facebook users to enjoy using the social media platform, but not at the expense of their wellbeing.

While these shifts sound positive for the user, it is causing panic in the marketing community. As with any major algorithm change, brands are frantically trying to figure out how they can keep their content in front of Facebook audiences. Unfortunately, publishers and brands who rely on traditional media outlets will be affected the most, as Facebook reduces brand curated content in favor of individual posts. That being said, the change is good (maybe even great) news for authentic and micro-influencer marketing (and the brands who use it).

Why Facebook's Algorithm Change Is Great For Influencer Marketing

Well, first and foremost, influencers (especially micro-influencers) are people first, and marketers second. As such, the new algorithm will boost their content alongside posts from friends and family while simultaneously limiting brand-curated content. This means influencers’ Facebook posts are more likely to be seen front and center on their followers’ newsfeeds, rather than below a sea of click-bait videos and list-style articles. Currently, influencer posts create 5-10 times more engagement than those created by brands and this will only increase with the reduction of branded content on Facebook

Long story short — the stock of authentic influencers just went through the roof

There is simply no getting around it; it’s more important than ever for brands to capitalize on influencer marketing. But, it’s about much more than simply enlisting an influencer to tag your brand in a post. Under the new algorithm, brands won’t see success partnering with just any influencer.

In order to fully capitalize on the Facebook's algorithm change, brands will need to identify influencers who not only satisfy their marketing objectives, but also connect with, understand, and engage with their target audience. Facebook will favor content that sparks a conversation whether it’s your cousin’s engagement photos or a micro-influencer’s promotional post. And Facebook won’t be fooled by engagement-bait posts where brands urge their followers to “comment” in order to boost engagement. Originality and authenticity will reign supreme in the new Facebook realm of influencer marketing, which means your brand needs to partner with high-quality influencers who will actively engage with their followers (aka: your customers).

The shift is all about authenticity over click-bait, fake news, and memes — and nobody does authentic quite like micro-influencers, and specifically real customers

The shift is all about authenticity over click-bait, fake news, and memes — and nobody does authentic quite like micro-influencers, and specifically real customers. Gatsby makes it easy to find the perfect customer influencers to promote your brand. The more authentic and active your influencers are, the more likely they will rise to the top of the newsfeed — and nothing is more authentic than an actual customer boasting about their favorite brand.

Content may be King, but Facebook just welcomed authentic micro-influencers into the royal family, which means your brand needs to hop on the influencer bandwagon — and fast.

Gatsby helps brands identify and activate their social customers, aka nanoinfluencers. Learn more and start your free trial at Gatsby.ai

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