The Psychology Behind Micro-Influencer and Nanoinfluencer Marketing

Marketing has long been described as an art form. It’s usually the department that’s filled with creatives chomping at the bit to see their ideas come to life in the form of a commercial, advertisement, or marketing campaign. And while there is no denying the fact that there is an artistic aspect to marketing, much of it is actually based on science.

Brands study and collect data on how, when, and why consumers make decisions in order to craft the most effective ways to market and ultimately sell a product or service. Influencer marketing is no different. It evolved in response to a shift in the consumer psyche. Simultaneously, as consumers became less trusting of brand content they were increasingly relying on social influencers to make purchasing decisions.  Initially, this meant celebrities had yet another way to make a quick buck (or million if we’re being honest). All they had to do was post a brand-crafted advertisement to their millions of followers. However, consumers quickly saw these false endorsements for what they really are, which is simply brand-curated content in disguise. As celebrity endorsements become increasingly less effective, micro-influencers arose as the more effective (and cheaper) solution.

Why People Trust Influencers Over Brands

Today’s consumers are so inundated with advertisements that they’ve even become numb to blatant product placements in television series and blockbuster movies. It’s no wonder they’re untrusting of brand curated content; it’s everywhere they turn! Fortunately, influencer marketing doesn’t look or act like traditional marketing. Aimed at increasing brand legitimacy, influencer marketing partners with the individuals that your demographic is already connected with. And the psychology behind this is quite simple; people trust other people. Regardless of whether the person is someone the consumer actually knows or a social media persona they feel like they know, consumers trust people over brands. In fact, an astounding 92% of consumers trust recommendations from others (including total strangers) more than brands themselves. That’s huge and brands can’t capitalize on this on their own, which is why they need influencers and micro-influencers in particular.

Why Are Micro-Influencers So Influential?

When an influencer repeatedly displays knowledge about a certain subject (let’s say coffee beans), their followers naturally begin to believe what they say about coffee beans. In psychology, this is called the Amplification Hypothesis. Simply put, when someone expresses a viewpoint with certainty, that viewpoint is likely to spread to others. So, although micro-influencers may have a smaller following than celebrities, they can be substantially more influential since they are considered experts in their niche. This means by partnering with a micro-influencer relevant to your brand you’ll be capitalizing on a pre-existing legitimacy rather than trying to create it yourself.

What’s The Catch?  

While partnering with micro-influencers saves money, increases reach and promotes engagement, a key challenge remains: finding the right micro-influencer for your brand. It can be a time-consuming, tedious task filled with guesswork and crossed fingers. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way because Gatsby can do it for you. We identify the perfect micro-influencers for your brand by pulling from within your existing customer base. This means they already love your product and are willing to share the love with their loyal like-minded following.

So, while most brands would salivate at the chance to work with big-name celebrities (even at the expense of their budget), you no longer have to in order to see results. Admittedly, while it may be less thrilling to partner with micro-influencers they bring more value to your brand, especially in the long run.

If authenticity is the key to the modern consumer, Gatsby is the lanyard that connects your brand directly to them. It’s really that simple.

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