Inc on Gatsby: How We're Redefining Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are not what they were last year. It's time to find more authentic ways to market your brand.

Written by Nina Ojeda

Last month I attended and had a chance to meet with a friend who introduced me to a company called Gatsby. Given my background and current feelings about trends with influencers, this caught my attention quickly. Gatsby is a different type of micro-influencing tool that identifies real micro-influencers aka nanoinfluencers from within the companies current customer base.

Not so long ago, social media marketing was all about subtle messaging. Brands would compete against one another with well-crafted messages - some truths, some half-truths - in hopes of winning a sale. The words “authentic”, “organic”, and “genuine” would rarely even be whispered in this era of marketing. After all, the very premise of this is based on rhetoric and the art of persuasion...

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