Gatsby: From Digital to Experiential, an inside look at how Body & Pole uses Gatsby data

Now that you’ve identified and partnered with an army of micro-influencers from behind your screen, what’s next? Why not take a cue from the world of dating apps and meet IRL.

Meeting Your Micro-Influencers IRL

Many brands are finding that while building a strong digital community is key for growing their engagement -- and ultimately, sales -- there’s often room to grow beyond and expand their digital campaigns to brick and mortar through experiential marketing.

Not only does IRL / experiential marketing offer brands a chance to deepen their relationship with the influencers, it offers their customers and influencer community a chance to meet each other (which is crucial for community building!)

Let’s Explore How Gatsby Can Help You Do This

Take Body & Pole, an NYC-based aerial dance studio, who you might remember from this case-study. Over the past year, Body & Pole has identified over 1,000 influencers who qualify for partnerships — offering them a free class of their choice in exchange for sharing on their Instagram.

Over the past year, Body & Pole has identified over 1,000 influencers who qualify for partnerships

Recently, Body & Pole identified a new way to engage with the influencer network they discovered through Gatsby.

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, Body & Pole planned a special media night. They invited select fitness, wellness and beauty journalists to take a couple of their signature classes, interview the studio’s founders, and enjoy a carnival-themed party, complete with games, temporary tattoos and cotton candy.

In planning this event, Body & Pole realized it would be even more impactful to have micro-influencers there who were already familiar with the studio.

Enter Gatsby influencers. An easy export from their Gatsby dashboard revealed a comprehensive invite list ready to go. Body & Pole selected some of their favorite micro-influencers from the past year and invited them to the event.

The result? Engaging, IRL content that complemented some of their more formal content (press mentions) by journalists:

While it’s always important to employ strong digital campaigns with your micro-influencers, don’t be afraid to think outside your [computer] box and bring it in-store (or, in this case, in-studio)! It’s a tactic fitness, beauty and fashion brands have long been using, and with great success.

Here are some tips for doing it yourself:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us over here at Gatsby for guidance and brand-tailored suggestions for how to leverage your micro-influencers IRL!

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