Announcing The New Instagram-Optimized Version

Your New Gatsby, Instagram-Optimized

Are you surprised to learn that 80% of site visitors who see a Gatsby campaign choose Instagram? 18% choose Facebook, and 2% choose Twitter. Are you surprised to learn that brands are spending more of their budget on Instagram, with the platform's revenue estimated to hit $8B in 2018, doubling from 2017.

Couple these stats with customer feedback, and it's no surprise that we built a version of Gatsby that is fully optimized for the Instagram route.

What Is It?

This new Gatsby version is sleeker, exceptionally faster, and requires less clicks for completion. We did a soft-release last week. Hear what customers are saying:

"It's great, thank you! I just shared it with my colleagues and friends."
"I really like it! It definitely feels more 2018 now."
"Oh wow. That looks so much better!"
"I want to try it again!"

With this new Instagram-optimized version, we were able to transition the technology away from a popup window to a lighter, faster, modal / overlay. This means the response time when your site visitors click your Gatsby button is now nearly instantaneous. Performance is now in line with traditional email capture forms, but you of course still get Gatsby's social capture and automation triggers as well.

We also released the ability for you to auto-display your Gatsby form when a site visitor is browsing for more than a set # of seconds. Use this as a secondary capture option, or as a way to use Gatsby without needing to dedicate site real-estate for a button.


All of this new functionality and design is having a significant impact on conversion rates, with early data suggesting a > 200% increase in site visitors now being captured by Gatsby campaigns. Let us know how it performs for you!

Turning On The Instagram-Optimized Version

If you're an existing customer on our Merchant plan or above, it's easy to turn on the new version. Just head to your Brand tab, ensure that only Instagram is toggled on, then click the Update Campaign button. If you're on our Lite or Starter tiers, contact us in the chat widget below.

If you're not a customer yet, I encourage you to try Gatsby out. It's quick to setup. You can think of it as marketing automation for customer influence. It's an innovation on the email capture form, where you get email + social profile + an automatic introduction to your most influential customers. Read the overview deck.

Let us know what you think of this new version and any questions! Reach us via the chat widget below.

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