A small team wearing lots of hats. Sound familiar?

We've been developing Gatsby since 2016, talking to thousands of customers like you to build precisely what you need. We've been staying lean in the process. No big investors, opting instead to rely on sales to fuel our growth, just like you do.

Why? Marketing is hard today.

Platforms like Instagram are driving social discovery, but measuring and using influence the right way is a challenge for brands who don't want to be phony about it.

There are over one billion people on Instagram every day. Last year, brands spent approx. $7+billion to reach them. The new evolution of social marketing is challenging for brands.

Solutions in this highly fragmented market range from manual engagement tools, to expensive ads that charge per click, and even agencies representing influencers who don't even use the products they endorse.

The bottomline is that marketers, media buyers and brands are figuring things out as they go. They don’t know where to invest, and more importantly how to measure their return. Well, until now.

Gatsby makes it so much easier and cheaper.

Our platform not only identifies the social customers who are buying your products, but helps you build up your brand awareness in an authentic, low cost way. It's authentic word-of-mouth, authentic influence, at scale.

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Proud of our results

18.21 Man Made

Over the past 3 months, 18.21 Man Made has captured hundreds of influential customers, with an average reach of 600 followers each. These social customers have a combined total reach of nearly 400,000 friends.

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Bike For Humanity

Bike For Humanity reached 23,685 targeted Instagram users with just 3 hours of work.

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In their first 3 weeks using Gatsby, Beautopia captured 700 social customers, 500 of them purchased beauty products worth $30k in sales, and they found a new social audience of 350,000 targeted consumers.

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